Lawrence Shankly Hotel

Bill Shankly is one of the greatest football managers of all time, and helped to establish Liverpool FC as one of the greatest clubs in the world. He therefore means a great deal, not just to the fans of the club, but to the city.

I am a proud Liverpudlian and believe in celebrating the city’s history whenever possible, and Bill Shankly is most definitely part of Liverpool’s legacy. The hotel will launch in August 2015 and has been developed in conjunction with Signature Living and Bill Shankly’s family. Chris Shankly Carline, Bill’s grandson, has also hailed the project, which will create 200 jobs in the city, as “the ultimate tribute” to his grandfather.

The hotel will feature 83 bedrooms, a sports-themed bar and restaurant, as well as a Shankly museum that will feature 70 unseen pieces from his family’s collection, including the key to the Shankly gates and the NASA badges that were presented to Bill by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

The Shankly Hotel will not just be a hotel for fans of Liverpool FC, as Bill Shankly was, and still is, respected by football supporters across the world, and so this hotel will give guests a wonderful insight into the manager’s greatest achievements.