Signature Hotel
Signature Living was born from my time staying in unaccommodating hotels that did very little to provide guests with a relaxing experience. I wanted to change that, and was so passionate about the hotel project that I sold my retail business to buy the Victoria Street building, now known as Signature Living, back in 2004.

The creation of Signature Living was no easy task, as the hotel project took four and a half years to complete. Thankfully, we opened our doors on 23rd August, 2008 – an achievement that would not have been possible without the love and support of my wife, Katie, and our family.

The road to hotel success was, however, not easy. It took many months for guests to enter our doors, but the numbers eventually began to grow due to sheer hard work, passion and determination. Why did the hotel start to work? Many reasons, really.

We have proudly created hotels that are perfect for those looking for a home-away-from-home in the city in our serviced apartments, or to celebrate an occasion in our group accommodation. The hotel offers stylish, spacious rooms that’s not only fun but can accommodate a large or small group of people – instead of splitting our guests off into unsociable hotel rooms.

I’m a family man, and I wanted to create a hotel that brings people together, instead of splitting them apart, and I believe Signature Living does exactly that.